Thy Word Translations

 Bringing God's Word to German-speaking people   

About Me

This is me, Anna.

But it's not about me, it is about Him, our God and Creator, and it's about His Son Jesus Christ. I am a tool in His hands. He provides the vineyard, I am eager to labor in it.

I have always enjoyed working with texts most, this has not changed until today. I look back at more than 18 years of translation experience, and I still can't get enough of it! I love to juggle with texts, words, phrases, structures, nuances, and I have always been fascinated by good books, literature that proclaim biblical truths.

It is my mission to bring more sound and useful reading to the German-speaking world. I thank God for His calling, for sharing in His kingdom and for letting me love my job. Before we had a child, I have also worked as a volunteer translator for Compassion, an international child advocacy ministry.

About my private life:

I am blessed with a loving and beloved husband and an adorable daughter. After many enjoyable years both in Germany and Austria, we now live in the southwest of Ireland on a farmland. The vicinity offers great opportunities for hiking and bicycling. I am a passionate photographer and often stand in awe in light of all those wonders of creation that you can see around us . Ever since my childhood I've been enthusiastic about literature and music. I read heaps of books, and I love to play  the violoncello. 

We regularly visit the Sunday service of a small local church, and we believe in the validity of the Bible and in Jesus Christ being the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Through my work, I can make God's Word more known among the German people.